Do Your Best

That year, when I couldn’t meet up with the cut off mark for medicine and surgery, l almost thought it was the end. Everyone wanted me to study medicine and surgery. I had wanted it too. It was later I knew I wanted it for some funny reasons though. There was nothing I could do […]

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Twist of Fate

I looked at the examination time table for the umpteenth time as I’ve been analyzing the timetable for the past 3 hours. I can’t just believe how I will have to write 10 examination papers within 7 days. Checking through the time table looks like I am reading a death sentence letter. “For crying out

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Your Choice

I sat down at breakfast with my family enjoying the meal, suddenly my cell phone rang. “Olubunmi” The voice at the other end cried. “Something bad has happened!” “Sandra, what is wrong?” I asked as my mom stared at me. I could hear her sniffing as she tried to talk. “Please calm down and talk

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