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Elizabeth Tolulope Ashibuogwu is a child of God, passionate about godly living, health, teenagers, and tech. She had her first & second degree in Botany (Plant Science) with a specialization in Ethnobotany from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

She has keen interests in Natural Drug Discovery, Natural Products, and Nutritional Science. Hence, the reason she’s very passionate about people living wholesomely and healthily through nutrition, nature & healthy lifestyles. This is what birthed “The Botapreneur Naturales.” The Botapreneur Naturales is a natural health and wellness centre that aims at preventing and curing illnesses, cultivating healthy living and promoting wellness through natural and holistic means. She is currently enrolled in Fruit Clinic Academy for Fruit and Herbal Therapy Courses. She is also a student of Fruit Business Academy.

She runs a new and upscale healthy bakery that focuses on providing healthy and premium baked foods with the use of healthy, wholesome, and natural ingredients. The goal is to provide people with products baked with wholesome and healthy ingredients that have both great taste and are healthy.

She is a UI/UX and Website Designer, dedicated to harmonizing artistic creativity with user-centered functionality. She designed her website by herself. She loves books and invests a lot into buying them. She also loves writing and has authored two books. These books were written when she was single. Download My Nysc Journal and The Journey-Chronicles of a young lady

If you want to connect with her on other social media platforms, then you can find her on:

Facebook: Elizabeth Tolulope Ashibuogwu

LinkedIn: Elizabeth Tolulope Ashibuogwu

Instagram: elizabeth_ashibuogwu and botapreneur

Twitter: lizzyashibuogwu

Pinterest: Botapreneur

Books by the Founder

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