Health Benefits of Folic Acid

Let’s talk about acid. Not the regular chemical acid you know. This particular acid is a beneficial one. It is called FOLIC ACID.

Folic acid is a form of folate( man-made form) a derivative of vitamin B that is found in fruits , vegetables and nuts and helps protect against some serious birth defects.

Do you know that Folic acid is very essential for women the more? Yes, it is. Let me take you through some benefits of folic acid.

1. Folic acid helps in the prevention of birth defects (such as spina bifida and anencephaly). This is key because it is an important ingredient that forms the genetic material. This is why women of childbearing age and those who desire to be pregnant and/or are pregnant are encouraged to take this. Other research links adequate consumption of folic acid to the prevention of autism, cleft lip and palate and rheumatoid arthritis.

2. It helps in the prevention of a form of anemia known as folate-deficiency anemia.

3. Essential in the formation of red blood cells.

4. Recently some studies added that it helps decrease age-related hearing loss.

As a B-vitamin, this acid is water soluble and can be found in some foods naturally.

Natural foods that contain folic acid are:
–          Cabbage
–          Egg yolk
–          Kidney
–          Lettuce
–          Papaya
–          Kiwi
–          Oranges
–          Milk
–          Spinach
–          Sunflower seeds
–          Peas
–          Lentils
–          Jacket potato
–          Cauliflower
–          Brussels sprouts
–          Broccoli
It can also be found in fortified cereals, bread, pastas etc

When not taken adequately, it can be prescribed or added in some fortified foods.
In fact, it is known that a healthy diet does not even have enough folic acid so taking the folic acid pills is also required especially for those trying to conceive or are pregnant.

However, only take folic acid pills as prescribed by your doctor. Do not take it in larger amounts or for longer than recommended. It is also essential to take folic acid with enough water.

Every woman over age 14 are expected to consume about 400mcg a day and this increases during pregnancy.

The easiest way to this is by eating more of leafy vegetables and fruits. When buying canned foods/cereals/ milk, look at the nutrition content as well. (This will help you not only get foods that contain folic acids but also foods that are low in saturated fat and sugar).




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