Health Benefits of Black Seeds

Sometimes last week, I saw my dad and mum taking a particular liquid from a bottle after eating and I had thought it to be a drug.

I was curious and had to ask if they were sick. But I found out that what they both took was a teaspoon of black seeds oil each.

I was forced to ask why and their response was that it helps in boosting immune system and they are just using it as preventive measure.

As per the fact that both of them are health workers and with the issue of coronavirus at the moment, they needed to also do their own part as they pray along for safety.

My mum then mentioned the fact that black seed oil was part of what Governor Seyi Makinde used when he tested positive for coronavirus.

Governor Seyi Makinde who happens to be the current governor of Oyo State in Nigeria once tested positive to coronavirus and after sometimes, tested negative.

In an interview he had after his recovery, he mentioned the fact that during the time he tested positive, he took in lots of vitamin C, carrots and black seed oil mixed with honey (one teaspoon both in the morning and at night.)

Few days after the discussion I had with my parents, I happened to be on an online class when a woman attested to the use of black seed oil as well.

This woman happens to be the assistant director of nursing in a very big hospital in Nigeria. She gave a testimony of how her daughter was afflicted with a disease for 3 years that deferred orthodox medicine until she stumbled on black seeds oil. According to her, she believes black seed is a potent herb against coronavirus. She also gets to sell black seed oil to nurses, doctors and health workers in her place of work.

These incidences coupled with the fact that someone had once made enquiries from me about the health benefits of black seeds made me to put up this short article about black seeds (based on all the knowledge I’ve gathered from my studying and researching.)

Black seeds botanically known as Nigella sativa is a flowering plant that is native to South Asia and the Mediterranean but has grown to some other parts of the World.

Black seed is called by different names such as black cumin, black caraway, cumin noir, fennel flower, seed of blessing, small fennel, kalonji, roman coriander, etc

Even though black seed is also sometimes called black cumin (or black cumin seed), it is different from the regular cumin of the Cuminum family.

The seeds have an aroma that is similar to fennel, a pungent flavour similar to nutmeg and a bitter taste compared to oregano.

Black seeds contain a variety of chemicals (of over 100 chemical compounds) in which quinine compounds are the most abundant. The most prominent compounds are thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone. Crystalline nigellone is another major active ingredient found in black seeds oil.

Black seeds also contain more than 25 minerals and vitamins.

Black seed has been known to cure various diseases.

The numerous chemicals, vitamins and minerals available in black seeds make it suitable in curing as many diseases as possible.

Black seeds have been proven to have the following properties:

Anticancer property
Antiinflammatory property
Anticoagulant property
Analgesic property
Antibacterial property
Antifungal property
Antioxidant property
Antiviral property

Historically, black seeds have been used in the treatment of several treatment such as migraine, toothache, nasal congestion, intestinal worms, hiccups, meningitis, epilepsy, conjunctivitis, cataract, abscesses, digestive tract infections (such as diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, and hemorrhoids), respiratory conditions (such as asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, emphysema, flu)

Black seeds have also been used in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Women also use black seeds for birth control and lactation.

Black seed oil has also been discovered to be effective for treating acne, psoriasis and also used as wound healing hereby making it a great choice of oil for the skin.

The oil is also good for the hair as it makes hair soft and shining.


Black seeds can be sprinkled on foods such as flatbread.

The seeds can also be grounded and used as spices in food.

Black seed oil can be mixed with other oil or cream and be applied to the skin.

Few drops of black seed oil can be added to bathing water.

Black seed oil can be consumed in either capsule or liquid form (1 teaspoon daily is okay as too much intake of it might have adverse effects as well).

Also, due to its pungent flavour, you may want to mix the oil with honey, lemon juice or warm water before using.

The OIL is the most effective way of consuming black cumin than taking the SEEDS directly because the oil is more readily absorbed.

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope EgbeniyiHiya!!! I am Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi, a natural health enthusiast, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, and most importantly, a child of God and kingdom warrior. I'm an ardent advocate of using herbs for healing and health. Welcome to my space.

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