Twist of Fate

I looked at the examination time table for the umpteenth time as I’ve been analyzing the timetable for the past 3 hours.

I can’t just believe how I will have to write 10 examination papers within 7 days.

Checking through the time table looks like I am reading a death sentence letter.

“For crying out loud, each course is so bulky and comprehensive. How could there be no breathing space in between the days at all?”, I shouted to no one in particular.

As a matter of fact, I even have 2 subjects per day on 3 consecutive occasion.

Let me introduce myself to you:
My name is Heritage, the only child of Mr and Mrs Ayodele. I am a student of Biochemistry at the prestigious University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

I had initially wanted to study Medicine and surgery but as fate would have it, I found myself in the Biochemistry department.

My ideology was that I should be able to perform better in Biochemistry department since it’s a lower department to Medicine and surgery.

To me, Medicine and surgery is the most difficult course to study. And since I couldn’t get that course, I believe every other course is a bonus.

I used to be the most brilliant boy in my secondary school. As a matter of fact, I won nothing less than 20 awards during my senior secondary school days.
I was very ambitious and determined to be a renown medical doctor.

I had all the confidence that I will get the admission to study Medicine and Surgery but alas, I was 5 points below the cut off marks.

I mean just 5 points!

Till date, I don’t know how it happened. It was like someone was shooting a movie right in my presence. Reality finally dawned on me the day I printed out my admission letter and I saw YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED PROVISIONAL ADMISSION INTO THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY, UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN.

“Oh No! I can’t believe this”, I blurted out.

I was ashamed of myself. I cried myself to sleep for days.

“After all the bragging I’ve made. How can I just tell my friends I couldn’t get admission to study Medicine and surgery? How unheard it would have been to hear that the most brilliant student couldn’t get the admission to study his dream course” were all what occupied my mind.

I was depressed and sick for months. My parents tried all they could to help me get myself back.
It took lots of efforts on their part to achieve that.

“My dear, you shouldn’t kill yourself over this admission issue. This is probably the test God wants you to pass through in life which you must strive to pass. Also, the fact that you didn’t get the admission to study Medicine and surgery doesn’t mean you won’t make it with the new course you’ve been offered. Besides, you can still decide to pursue your dream of becoming a Medical doctor even after now. Don’t give up my dear. Your mum and I are ready to help you through with the help of God”, my dad had said to me one blessed morning.

I had no choice than to brace up and hope for the best.

Exactly 7 months after I got my admission letter, I resumed to school.

I tried all my best to be optimistic. I’ve heard from senior colleagues that if I perform excellently in my first in of study, I have the chance to cross over to the department of Medicine and surgery.

Whew! 13 weeks of academic lectures had ended and preparation for first semester examination was on top gear.

Unfortunately, I failed woefully.

How it happened, I never know till date.

I had G. P of 1.8 out 4.0.
Trust me, that was the beginning of another tough time for me.
This is the second time I will be failing in my life.

However, through the prayers and encouragement from my parents, friends and fellowship members, I decided never to give up.

Now, we are already in the second semester and examination is around the corner.

I’ve been putting in my best but I can’t deny the fact that I am as well scared.

“Can I still meet up with 3.5 G.P which is the pass mark for anyone that wants to cross to the department of Medicine?”, I had once ask my roommate.

Exams start in 2 weeks time but I still feel the time is very short to cover up all I need to read.

I need to map out a plan on how to go about my effective reading.
And that prompted me to make rules which include the following:

1) From this moment till the end of the exam, I will only sleep 3 hours in a day.

2) I must spend nothing less than 10 hours in the library per day.

3) I must avoid any form of heavy food in order not to be weak and oversleep.

After writing down the rules, I pasted the paper at my bedside and I flung into action immediately as I rushed down to the library.

Library became my home. I stopped going for midweek services at the fellowship. I also stopped eating healthy foods as I have no time to prepare food at all. My roommate, Paul tried his best to make sure I eat at all times but I bluntly refused.

“Heritage, you need to be healthy both spiritually and physically in order to pass this forthcoming examination. For the last few days, you’ve not eaten any good food. You’ve only been feeding on junks. Even when I give you food, you reject it saying you don’t want anything that will make you drowsy. You have even stopped observing your quiet time talk less of going to church. How do you expect to pass with all these?, Paul had frankly spoken on a cool evening like that.

“Paul, I need to pass this exam and I can’t afford not putting in my best. Please, let me alone and allow me focus on what brought me to this place”, I shouted back at Paul.

The exam week came so fast and I had written 5 papers within 3 days already.

Alas, it was on Thursday morning of the first week of the exam. As I was preparing for the day’s exam, I started feeling dizzy and I before I knew what was happening, I passed out.

I opened my eyes 5 hours later only to find myself on one of the beds in the school clinic.

“What is happening here? Am I not supposed to be writing physics 101 paper?”, I thought within myself as I roamed the room with my eyes.

I was surprised to see my fellowship popsy beside me. I can’t even remember the last time I went for any fellowship program and here is our popsy with me at the clinic. I immediately felt bad.

He later informed me of the situation on ground.

I had fainted earlier and was rushed to the school clinic. The doctor had confirmed that not enough blood is flowing to my brain which resulted in the fainting. He affirmed that it was caused as a result of exhaustion, lack of proper diet and stress.

Yes, I had stressed my brain too much and haven’t been feeding my whole body appropriately.

In a nutshell, I missed the exam for the day and the doctor already said that I will have to be on bed rest for the next two weeks.

I couldn’t protest much as I was even so weak to talk.

To cut the long story short, I missed my remaining exams and guess what?

I failed woefully. I just didn’t fail, I was asked to withdraw as my G.P couldn’t reach up to 1.0 which us the basic requirements for moving unto the next level.

After the two weeks bed rest, my parents took me home and I was given proper care.
My mum especially made sure I sleep and eat as much as I can.

Taking fruits and water every morning became a thing of compulsion.

I also cried to God to forgive me of my stupidity and draw me closer to himself. I determined never to joke with my relationship with God not take my health with levity

I took up another Jamb form the following year and guess what? I put in for Biochemistry again.

It’s not because I gave up on my dream in becoming a medical doctor but I want to follow the leading of the Lord.

The Lord simply told me to go back to the department of Biochemistry for he has a mission for me in that line.

Yes, it looked I had a twisted fate but God had better plans for me through it all.

I went back to school stronger than before.

Now, I am determined never to put God aside whether in any of my life’s endeavour.

I might not be a medical doctor now but I will one day still become a doctor.

Psalm 37:5 became my anchor verse – “Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass”

What have you learnt from my story?

I will love to hear from you in the comment session below.


Author: Elizabeth Tolulope EgbeniyiHiya!!! I am Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi, a natural health enthusiast, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, and most importantly, a child of God and kingdom warrior. I'm an ardent advocate of using herbs for healing and health. Welcome to my space.

10 thoughts on “Twist of Fate”

  1. Really motivating story
    May God help us to make him our anchor and trust him with any decision or step we want to take in life.

  2. Good day ma, I must confess I was blessed with this write up. I learnt we shouldn’t depend alone on our abilities or intellectual prowess but to also put our trust in God. More also, we should take good care of ourselves health wise.

  3. Hmm!
    It seems as thoug God was pushing him in that direction all along.
    God always have a plan.
    I was blessed with this. God bless you dear sis.

  4. Blessing Uchenna

    So insightful, ma’am.
    Kai…just like Jonah, he still did what God wanted him to do.
    I learnt to always submit to God’s will and not leave Him out in anything.
    God bless you, ma’am.
    More grace!

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