7 Simple Ways To Invest In Yourself

To some, the year is still fresh as per the fact that we’re still in the first quarter of the year. We’ve not even spend up to 100 days yet. While to some, the year is already far spent.

Well, if you ask someone like me “I’d like to balance it by saying that the year is still fresh but running as fast as it could”. I won’t be surprised if we’re already in December in a moment 😊.

For some, they’ve achieved so much within the space of 68 days that the year started while for some, they’ve not even started achieving anything. Some don’t even know where to start or what to do.

For me, I can’t say I’ve achieved so much but I’m definitely taking one step at a time to achieving all I’ve set to.

Now, to those that have achieved immeasurably, I’ll love to commend you but to those that have not started anything at all or about starting, don’t feel bad yet. You still have plenty time to achieve your goals. However, I will love to advice you by saying you need to start now as time waits for no man.

As we’re all working towards achieving so many things, I’ll like to intimate you with 7 ways by which you and I can INVEST in ourselves this 2020.

Note: Investing goes beyond committing money or capital in the hope of financial gain alone. Investing also means spending money, time, or energy on something or someone, especially for some benefits.

In short, investing in oneself refer to those actions one take to improve and get better.

Now that you know what investing means, let’s delve into 7 ways you can awesomely invest in yourself in 2020. There are more but I’ll love to talk about 7 in this article.

1) Take online courses: One of the ways you can invest and add value to yourself is to go extra miles in gaining knowledge by taking courses on things you’re interested in. It might not even be related to what you studied in school.
For instance, I studied Botany (plant science) but I love anything related to nutrition as well but I don’t want to go back to school to study nutrition again. So, what can I do?

Very simple as ABC. I’m going  apply for an online course on NUTRITION. Life has been made easier with online courses.

The good news is that most of the online courses are free while the ones that are not free require just small amount of money. Some will only require you to pay for certificates fee.

Cousera, udemy, Alison are some of the sites that offer online courses.

Unicaf is also an online school. It even offers partial scholarship.

Sweet and interesting, right? Give it a try today, apply for an online course.

Do you know more sites to apply for online courses? Let’s hear from you in the comment session.

2) Attend seminars, workshops and conferences: Attending seminars, workshops and conferences help in expanding one’s knowledge and skills. It also give the opportunity to meet and interact with people of like minds. It can be a way of connecting with people that will help you spiritually, in career or business, academically or in personal development.

3) Learn a skill or start a business: This can’t be overlooked nor overemphasized. Acquiring a skill or venturing into business is a sure way of building capacity.

4) Read: There is an old saying that says “Readers are Leaders“. Another one says that “You are what you read“. These two adages are nothing but the truth. If you don’t read, you won’t know. And knowledge is powerful. Books are wonderful tools for growth but we must at the same time, be analytical in what we read. Never feed on wrong books. Remember that poor feeding causes disease. Measure whatever you read with the Word of God.

5) Eat healthily and exercise regularly: Let’s invest in ourselves by spending our time, money and energy in eating well and exercising regularly. It’s one of the surest way to stay HEALTHY and HAPPY.
Take fruits.
Eat vegetables.
Take enough water.
Eat plenty fibre and proteins.

You don’t need to even get to a gym before you exercise. There are simple apps that can guide you in the kind of exercises you can engage in right in your room.


Take a peep into some of the apps I’ve got on my phone relating to food and fitness

6) Save: Money is very essential in being healthy. You need to invest in yourself by saving for the present and future. This will prevent you from running into debts and a living good life.

7) Edit your friendship: As much as it is good to be friendly to all, it also necessary to chisel out those that are probably causing your setback or devalue you. Take time to prayerfully select those that will be in your inner circle. Take time to think about those that will aid your journey in life.

However, as much as you can’t be close to everyone, be friendly to all.

What have you learnt?
Do you have any addition?

I’ll be glad to hear from you in the comment session.

7 Simple Ways To Invest in Yourself
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