7 Reasons Why Students Fail

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I  was once a student and I’ll still be a student again one day. In fact, I do tell people that I am still a student even though I am not in school at the moment. Yes, I love school a lot 😍.

When I was a student, I can say I succeeded but at the same time I failed several times. And I’ve come to realize there were 7 major reasons why I failed back then and these reasons are still what make a lot of students fail nowadays.

One day, I’ll share with you how I succeeded even after failing but I’ll love to start by sharing reasons why I failed at some points and why students still fail.

After analyzing all these, I’m sure you will even have solutions to why you’re failing already.

7 Reasons Why Students Fail

1) Laziness and procrastination: I’ll boldly say that these two are the lead reasons why most students fail?

Laziness and procrastination are twin. They work hand in hand. Wherever you see laziness, you’ll see procrastination by the side and vice versa.

Laziness and procrastination will make some students not read at the right time.
Laziness and procrastination will make some students never to write in class.
Laziness and procrastination will make some students never to do assignments at the right time.
Laziness and procrastination won’t allow students to read early enough till exam is at the corner.
I really did this one a lot. I don’t really take reading seriously until exams are around the corner. And I won’t even start serious reading until I see the time table. And when I see the time table, I will start reading the last course on the time table first. So bad!

All my actions were backed with the fact that even if I read earlier before exams I will forget, so why don’t I just wait till exam is near before I start reading. While it might had worked for me a little, it won’t work for a whole lot of people especially for those that needs to read severally before they can grasp what they’re reading.

Later on, I also came to realise that even if I forget what I read at the beginning of a semester, I should have just keep reading. When it is exam period, I’ll find it easier to assimilate faster.

2) Lack of time management: Most times, it seems there are no enough time for a student. Imagine a student that has 7am to 6pm lectures, goes to church from there and gets back by 9pm. Such a student will still want to do assignment, find something to eat, rest and revise his/her book, right? At the end, the student will conclude there is no time for him/her at all.

The scenario above is true but I’ll say not applicable at all times.
When students complain like these, the next thing I ask them is to give me a break down of their academic time table. At the end of it all, one will discover that even though there are days that are jam packed with lectures like that but at the same time, there are days that are not. So as a student, what are you doing with those days that are free?

What about the in between time?

For instance, you have 7am to 1pm lectures, then break period between 1pm to 3pm before the evening lectures between 3pm to 6pm. Tell me, what are using the period between 1pm to 3pm to do?
To gist with fellow course mates/class mates?

Well, I’m not saying one shouldn’t relate with fellow students as well.

But do you know that that period of 2hours is so golden and shouldn’t be wasted?

You can go back to the hostel to take a nap, wash your clothes, prepare a meal or even go get some things you need before you go back for evening lectures.

If your hostel is far from home, you can use that time to go and read, meditate or even pray. At least, that time won’t be wasted and you’d have done 1 or 2 things out of things you need to do.

The truth is that even if there is no enough time, one still needs to manage the little time he/she has.

3) Comparison: Many students fail because they compare themselves with others. They just want to do things like their colleagues which doesn’t work for them at the end.

There is something I do tell people whenever I have the privilege to talk to them that they should know themselves and what works better for them.

As a student, just because you see your roommate going to the reading room early in the morning doesn’t mean you should do same.

However, personally study yourself and know when and how you can assimilate best.

Taking myself as a case study, I’d rather love to read during the midnight than reading during the day. It works best for me.

I love doing things during the midnight even to replying of chats and writing.

So, what do I do?
I make sure I sleep a little while (even if it’s just 30 minutes) during the day so I can stay awake for like 3 hours during the night.

That doesn’t mean I don’t read during the day as well. In fact, I read during the day more but at the time I know I will assimilate fast. I can’t just be wasting my time reading when I can’t assimilate or retain anything, I’d rather use that time to watch Korea movies 😂

This also applies to knowing what strategy works best for you.
Do you love to skim through your notes first, jot down some points and begin intense reading?
Or you will love to read extensively, solve questions, then read again?

My own trick is this: I love it when someone has read a particular topic, then summarise it for me or explain in a simpler method before I start my own reading. Trust me, I’ll easily grab. Or better still, I’ll check google for more explanation of, rewrite my notes with blue and red pen before I start reading.

4) Lack of confidence: You won’t imagine that some students fail even after doing all the necessary things they’re meant to do simply because they lack confidence in themselves?

Lack of confidence will generate fear and you know what fear does? It paralyzes.
When a lecturer/teacher ask a question in class, some will rather keep quiet than talk simply because they think they will say rubbish. Same applies to some in the examination of hall. They will fail to attempt the questions the way they ought to because they do not have confidence in what they know and what they want to write.

5) Overconfidence: As much as lack of confidence can make some students fail, overconfidence can also make some fail. Funny, right?
One needs to be self confident but not overconfident. If you’re overly confident, you won’t even be humble enough to admit to any error being pointed to you by a fellow colleague which can cause failure thereafter. Some students will feel that after reading for 8 hours on a stretch, they don’t need the assistance of a study group or reading partner to help them sharpen their knowledge.
This is very very wrong.

There have been instances where I’ll read and read but what will eventually come out is what was discussed during revision with my reading partners.

Over confidence will also make some students disregard the God factor. They feel God shouldn’t be involved in their academics which is a very wrong thing to do.
God should be first in everything we do.

6) Lack of interest: Some students fail because they lack interest in the course they’re doing, subject or even the lecturer/teacher taking such a subject or course. Till today, I don’t like physics a bit and it’s the major reason why I fail that subject. There was also a course I hated during my undergraduate days just because I really don’t like the way the lecturers taking that course do lecture and I never ever had up to 60 in it.

7) Friends: The kind of friends some students keep are those that lead them to the pathway of failure. If all your friends are those that are nonchalant about books or those that fail to motivate you to do better, them you’re on your way to failing big time.

There are other reasons why students fail but I’ve tried to list out the major factors relating to the students themselves.
Some even fail as a result of emotional trauma they experience probably because of the issue going on at home. However, in such situations, such students are meant to hold on to God and His promises.

Now that I’ve listed some reasons why students probably fail, I’ll love to give the following pieces of advice to you:

Dear students,

1) Shun laziness and procrastination.

2) Know how to manage your time well.

3) Have confidence in yourself and your ability.

4) Don’t be too confident as well. Ask questions when necessary.

5) Learn to manage your time. Be wise in your doings.

6) Don’t compare yourself with others. Know when to read and when to take breaks.

7) Know what works best for you.

8) Have interest in the course you’re studying and all the courses you’re offering.

9) Do away with friends that are not helping you on this way to success.

10) Involve God at all times. Let God be the centre and everything pertaining to your success.

These simple tricks doesn’t apply to academic success alone, they apply to all facets of life.

Hope you find this article helpful? I’ll love to hear from you in the comment section



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