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“Ko soun to le ti ki ro; Igbeyin a daara moro ye o.” (There is nothing that proves difficult that doesn’t become better; it’s the end that matters.)

Lucy sang as she prepared Amala one afternoon.

Her protruded belly shook vehemently as she stirred the mixture in the pot.

It was already two weeks to her date of delivery and as the day drew near fear seemed to take over her.

“Where is this girl?” She asked suddenly as she stood up from where she was preparing the meal.

“Davina!” She shouted round the house as she set to check her neighbor, Mama Rita’s house.

She was about stepping out of the house when Mama Rita rushed in.

“Mummy Davina! This is where you are?”

“What is happening?” She asked confused.

“It’s your daughter.”

“My daughter?” She shouted in panic as she ran after the woman towards the main road.

Laying on the road in her pool of blood on the floor laid her daughter.

“She said she was going to where her father plays Ayo game with his friends so she wanted to cross the road when a Vehicle….” The woman was recounting but Lucy had heard enough.

She shouted out in pain as her water broke.

“Ha! Let’s carry her to the hospital.” Her neighbor said as two men moved to assist her inside a parked vehicle.

“My daughter?” Lucy muttered silently as tears rolled down her eyes.

“The girl is still breathing!” Someone shouted as they moved to rush the girl also to the hospital.

“Iyabo! Go and call Daddy Davina!” An old man ordered as a young lady ran off to do as she was told.

The car that assisted Lucy and her daughter soon arrived the hospital and both mother and daughter were wheeled in.

“Take the mother to the labor room. I’m taking the girl in for surgery immediately.” A doctor told his fellow doctor before he ran after the attendants wheeling Davina on in front of him.

“My husband?” Lucy asked Mama Rita who was assisting the nurses to the labor room.

“He’s not here yet. I don’t know what is delaying him.”
Lucy sighed as she thought of her last resort.

“Please call my parents. I saved my mother’s number with Iya ni wura.” She said as the woman shook her head in understanding and excused herself.

It wasn’t long before her parents arrived at the hospital and they didn’t waste time as they started praying for God’s mercy upon their daughter’s life.

“What is happening Ma?” Mark asked his mother-in-law as soon as he got in.

“Something that is not beyond God!” Mr Aderounmu replied sharply as he made himself more comfortable on his seat.

Mark quickly went to the nurses and he was soon filled in on all that had happened.

“Can I see the hospital bill?” He asked the nurse who attended to him.

“We haven’t done the estimate since they are yet to be taken care of fully but you can have this for now sir.”

Mark stared at the bill of 67,000 naira given to him. He looked round the hospital swiftly and back at the bill.

Where would he get the money to pay the bill? The nurse even said that was not the estimate. He would have to let Lucy’s parent handle it.

“I’m coming.” He said to the nurse as he hurriedly left the hospital.

“Young man! Where are you going?” Lucy’s father called after him.

“He said he is coming.” The nurse replied as the older couple shook their head in understanding.

Mark never returned for the next fifteen minutes.

“Please try his number?” Lucy’s Father told his wife.

“His number is not reachable. Hope It’s not that this man has bolted?”

“Ha!! Ha!” Lucy’s father exclaimed.

“I think the bill the nurse gave him must have scared him.” She said to her husband.

“She ri aye Lucy bayii? (Do you see Lucy’s life now?) And I warned her, I did?” Her mother lamented tearfully.

The doctor who took Davina to surgery walked in at that moment.

“How far, Doctor?” Lucy’s Father asked after his granddaughter whom he had never even set eyes on.

“I’m sorry Sir. We lost her.”

“Jesus Christ!” Mrs Aderounmu shouted as her husband held her.

“Kai!” Her husband said as he consoled his wife.

He looked up at that moment to see the doctor in charge of Lucy’s case coming over to where they were sitting.

“Oko mi! (My husband!) Hope we are not in for trouble today?” She said as she shook her body vehemently.

“God forbid in Jesus name. Calm down.”

“Please I need to tell you something.” The doctor started.

They listened as he told them to prepare for the worst as regards Lucy and the baby in her womb as she was already bleeding. The Doctor also explained about the Rhesus factor Incompatibility and how it may affect the fetus.

“Save my daughter please.” Her mother pleaded.

“Save the baby. What’s the essence of living anyway?” Lucy shouted out to the Doctor as soon as he told her what was happening in the little way he could.

Lucy went into serious bleeding as the doctors battled to save her and the baby’s lives.

Her blood soon mixed with the baby’s blood causing a type of anemia in the baby destroying its red blood cell.

The baby couldn’t get enough oxygen and was finally delivered dead.

The doctor shook his head pitifully.

“I’m sorry but the truth is you might not able to have a successful conception again.”

Lucy wept uncontrollably at the news though in pains.

She lost her daughter and unborn child the same day.

Her husband too had bolted.

There was no hope of Motherhood for her again.

Regret was all she had as she remembered how it all started in the University with Mark.

“If only I hadn’t met Mark; if only I had stayed with Cecil then; if only I had listened to my parents. If Only I hadn’t thought I couldn’t live without Mark.”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t get into the wrong relationship. I did it my own way. My career is over. My life is finished.” She cried out in pains.

“If only you hadn’t rejected Christ over and over again? If only you hadn’t decided to have it your own way?” her father added in sorrow causing her to weep the more.

“But my child, there is hope. I agree you’ve lost so much but there is hope. Lucy, you are alive so there is hope. Will you give your life to Christ?” Her mother asked amidst tears.

“There is no benefit I have for Christ again? I have already blown the second chance God gave me?” She shook her head sorrowfully.

“No, Lucy. Don’t believe the devil’s lies; Jesus still loves you. Yes, he is unhappy things are like this but he doesn’t mind giving you another chance. He wants to make your life beautiful.”

“Mummy, Lead me to the Cross. I’m tired of living like this.”

“Thank you Jesus!” her father exclaimed as her mother pulled her into a hug.

“Lucy, Say after me…”

“Lord Jesus, I’m sorry for how I have ignored you all this while. I’m sorry for living my life my own way. I’m sorry for even choosing a life partner in my own way. I come to you for mercy. Jesus, have mercy upon me. Wash me with your blood. Write my name in the book of life. Make me a new man and help me to live my life as you want me to. Heal my wounds Oh Lord. And give me the grace to live in newness of live. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Father for I am yours. For in Jesus name I have prayed. Amen.”

THE END!!!!!!!

How many times have you rejected the Saviour’s Love over and over again?

Don’t wait until things be the way it was for Lucy before you surrender your life to Christ.

The time of your Salvation is now!

If you are willing to surrender your life to Christ. Please say this prayer:-

Lord Jesus, I recognize that my way of life does not please you. Have Mercy upon me Oh Lord. Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me of all my iniquities. Write my name in the book of life. Grant unto me the grace to live in accordance to your will. Thank you Jesus because I am yours. For in Jesus name I have prayed. (Amen.)

Congratulations! And welcome to the family of God.

I will encourage you to join yourself with a Bible Believing Church so that you might continue in the word of the Lord.

Thanks for journeying with me through the lines of this Story..

Like Lucy, there are some unpleasant situations that may want to push us to make wrong decisions; there are times when our decision to please God or displease him will be tested.

The fact remains that it was the relationship she got into that got her life muddled up.

She sought solace in the wrong place and was caught up in something deeper she didn’t expected.

She took the wrong route of relationship and it affected every other area of her life. Regrets and Tears were hers at the end.

Sorrow, Dilemma, Confusion and lots more await those who think they are wise enough to decide who they want to be involved in a relationship with and how they want it done.

Many young adults feel its better they begin to date someone now so that by the time they get married they would have known the person well.

Who knows each of us better than The Creator of Heaven and Earth?

If he knows us, why then don’t we involve him in our emotional, relationship and marital life?
He will step in only if you involve Him.

Therefore, start by deciding to let him have his way and lead you the right way.

In the decision on who to spend the rest of your life with, let God have a say!


Written by Adebisi Mercy Oluwafunmito

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi

I am Elizabeth Egbeniyi, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, budding entrepreneur and most importantly, a child of God. I'm so much a lover of love, nature, books and people. I love to talk about anything and everything that catches my mind and will bless you. My purpose is putting smile on peoples’ faces, including you.

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