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“It is written in Ecclesiastes chapter 10:8 that ‘He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge a serpent shall bite him.’ Anybody that has dig a pit for Lucy to fall into, they themselves should begin to fall into it in Jesus name.”

“It is written that every gathering that is not of God shall be scattered. Any gathering of the host of hell as regards my Daughter Lucy; to destroy her life, let them begin to scatter in Jesus name.”

“No enemy of her soul will be able to terminate her life in Jesus name.”

“Beatrice, Listen to me!”

She heard the still small voice speak to her.

She stopped.

“Thank you Holy Spirit. I’m listening.”

“If I may ask, what are you praying about?”

“I’m praying for Lucy. I’m praying against the enemy of her soul.”

“Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss. That is in James 4:3.”

“I don’t understand Lord.”

“You are praying the wrong prayer.”

“Ha! Lord… Teach me to pray. I know not how to pray Lord. It is written in Romans 8:26 that ‘likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.’ Lord help me to pray Lord.”

“Daughter, you need to know that your daughter is the one that digged a pit for herself with her own hands. She knew that the steps she was about to take could have repercussions but she didn’t care.”

“Beatrice, Plead for Mercy!”

“Daughter, Ask for Mercy!”

“Thank you Holy Spirit.” Mrs Aderounmu said as she repositioned herself.

“Lord You said that you will have mercy upon whom you will have mercy. Father, Have Mercy upon Lucy. Let Mercy prevail over Judgment for her.”

“It is written that ‘shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captives of the just be delivered? For thus says the Lord: Even the Captives of the mighty will be taken away and the prey of the terrible will be delivered; for I will contend with him who contends with you, and I will give safety to your children and ease them.’ Father, deliver Lucy from the Pit wherein she has put herself.”

“Oh Lord, remember Mercy.”

She pleaded… wept and fought in the place of Prayer.
Lucy stared at the net underneath her feet.

It could give way anytime she could tell.

She wondered how she had gotten herself into such a big and terrifying pit.

She looked at the net again.

She knew if the net should tear she was done for.

She lifted her eyes to the top of the pit.

“Somebody help!” She screamed at the top of her voice.

“Anyone there?”


“Please, don’t let me die in here.”

She hoped someone will hear.

“Mercy Lord! Mercy Lord!” She heard as a voice cried around her.

She looked around her as she confirmed that she was alone in the pit yet she knew that voice.

Her Mum!

“Mum! Help!” She shouted hoping her mother would help bring her out rather than just crying for Mercy.

“Only Mercy can help! Have Mercy Lord!” Her mother’s voice boomed round her again.

Lucy waited in the pit for the next 20 minutes awaiting her fate.

She looked at the net.

It had become so weak that there was a large hole in it already.

“Ha! Mercy Lord!” She didn’t know when she voiced out..

If that was what would save her she would cry as much as possible.


The net tore suddenly as Lucy screamed. The net gave way as she fell off the net.

She noticed a small part was still attached to the wall of the pit so she quickly held unto the remnant as the small net became weaker and weaker.

She stared below her into the pit.

It was so dark.

The moment the net cut loose totally she would be spinning down the pit.

“Lord, have Mercy!” She screamed with the last ounce of strength in her.

“Grab unto the Rope!” A man’s voice shouted to her from the top.

“What Rope?” She asked as she saw a rope dangling in front of her.

She caught it and held unto it quickly.

“Release that net you are holding unto.” The voice said as she carefully let go.

“Climb up swiftly.” He commanded as she began her journey up the pit.

“Who are you?” She asked from below the pit as she climbed.

“I am Mercy, a servant of the Most High God. He chose to send me to you. Judgment was also waiting to see if he would be ordered to work but he chose to send me.”

“Thanks for coming.” She said as she continued climbing.

She wondered why she wasn’t out of the pit already.

Had she really dug a pit this deep?

She had no idea it was that deep.

“You can show you are truly thankful by surrendering your life to your maker because Mercy prevailed over judgment for you today. You might not be so favored another time.” He said.

“I understand. Thank you.” She said as she climbed faster.

As she moved towards the top, a very bright light shone into her eyes causing her to use one hand to shield her eyes quickly.

At RTW Hospital….

A nurse walked round the hospital doing her rounds when she passed a bed thoughtfully.

She ignored the bed at first but took a detour to take a second look at the body sprawled on the bed.

“Oh my God!” She screamed causing a pair of eye to blink at her in surprise.

She ran towards Dr Dayo’s office and opened his door without knocking.

“No Courtesy again, Nurse Sewa?” Dr Dayo asked surprisingly.

“Sorry Sir, It’s…. The lady is awake.”

A curtain separating the doctor’s office and an examination room was pulled back from within.

She turned back startled as a ruffled Mark stared at her.

“What did you say?” He asked before the Doctor could say anything.

“She is awake. Our eyes met.” The nurse said smiling.

“Wonderful!” said the Doctor as Mark jumped down from the examination bed he was sleeping on and ran out of the office.
The Doctor and Nurse trod after him happily.

Mark stared at Lucy as she stared at her surroundings.

“This is a miracle!” The Doctor asked as he pointed a flashlight at her eyes to examine her eyes.

“She’s okay. Congratulations Mark. Let’s just monitor her till tomorrow then she can be discharged.”

“Alright. Thank you very much. I’m so grateful.” He replied as the doctor walked away all smiles.

What then would be Lucy’s Decision now that she has another chance to live?

Stay expectant for Episode 7.

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Written by Adebisi Mercy Oluwafunmito

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi

I am Elizabeth Egbeniyi, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, budding entrepreneur and most importantly, a child of God. I'm so much a lover of love, nature, books and people. I love to talk about anything and everything that catches my mind and will bless you. My purpose is putting smile on peoples’ faces, including you.

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