City on a Hill

City on a hill is a short christian movie written, directed and edited my Selva Devados and produced by Preethi Nisho Gilbert.

It is a movie that reminds me that every christian ought to be a light that shines brightly on the path of anyone that comes across his/her way.

This is our purpose and we must live by it.

A lot of people are broken and hiding behind the mask just like Dolly and Mr Billy.

Dolly was dumped by her boyfriend and betrayed by friends.

It seemed her life was falling apart.

She happened to be a funny lady that made people laugh but she was faking it as she felt so lonely.

Mr Billy lost his blessed family, became devastated and started living on the street.

However, Vidhya, who had once almost killed herself but found hope through the help of a man made it a point of duty to reach out to every soul that comes across her way not forgetting to point them to Christ.

We should never cease to be a salt of the Earth and the light of the World.

We need to be an influencer in the world and not be influenced by the world.

We should be cities set on the hill for all to see.

The movie is attached below for you to watch, enjoy and have a better understanding of what it is all about.

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope EgbeniyiHiya!!! I am Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi, a natural health enthusiast, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, and most importantly, a child of God and kingdom warrior. I'm an ardent advocate of using herbs for healing and health. Welcome to my space.

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