Incredible Uses of Orange Peels

Orange peels are rich in a flavonoid called hesperidin. This flavonoid helps to lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

The peels also have anti-inflammatory properties which help combat a lot of inflammation in the body. It is said to contain a compound called nobiletin which helps in preventing inflammation.

The pectin in orange peels is another agent that helps to grow probiotic bacteria in our gut. Thus boosting up our immune system and keeping us healthy.

Orange peels can be used to whiten your teeth. The limonene in orange peels also works as a natural scent and solvent. This helps whiten teeth in a natural way. So, rub an orange peel against the inside of your mouth and teeth to freshen up your breath, whiten your teeth, and even reduce their sensitivity.

Orange peels are really good for the skin as it treats blackheads, dead cells, acne, eczema and blemishes. It also brightens your face. You can also add milk or curd to get that extra glow or for removing tan. A course mate of mine once tried it.

However, you have to grind a lot of the peels before you can get a considerable amount of the powder.

Orange peel Tea
Put fresh orange peels into a pot of water and bring it to a boil. Then, turn off the heat and allow the peels to steep for an hour. Strain the water, and your tea is ready.

Another way to make the orange peel is getting dried orange peel and steeping for some minutes This tea can be enjoyed warm or cold and add some honey.

A study done even found out that dried orange peel, when made into a tea released more pectin than fresh orange peel.

You can also add piece of dried orange peel to your green or black tea to add flavour.

Do you know what orange tea can do for you?

  • Drinking orange peel tea will help clear away mucus and prevents coughing.
  • Orange peel tea will help soothe away headache when you breathe in the vapors.
  • Orange peels tea will help you to get rid of gas, indigestion, stomach aches, bloating, and heartburn.

Orange Peel As Freshener
Adding the peels in boiling water can freshen the air around you. In fact, you can inhale the air (steam) for relief from headache.

Orange Peels As Polish.
You can polish the surfaces of stainless steel using the peels alone or with vinegar. A drop or two of vinegar on the peels will do.

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