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In a twinkling of an eye, a lot of girls had gathered in front of my room.
I was so agitated and sweating profusely as I kept thinking of what could be done. I was just clueless.

Before I knew it, some of our hostel mates had gathered in front of our room. Not too long, the hostel securities came around and rushed her to the school clinic.

One could see ladies standing in numbers, whispering.
I hopped into the security cab while it sped off to the clinic. I tried calling my other roommates but I could only reach out to Titofunmu.

Right in the hospital, I was busy pacing up and down. I do not know the exact thing to do. I only could only hope that nothing serious had happened.

I was lost in thoughts at a point when I noticed a gentle tap on my shoulder and it happened to be one of the nurses.

“Hello, young lady. Are you the friend to the student that was rushed in some minutes ago?”, asked the Nurse whom I later got to know as Nurse Kikelomo.

“Yes, I am”, I said with all eagerness to know what the problem is.

“We need you to contact her parents. There are some discussions we will love to have with them”, said the nurse.

“Her parents? Is it a serious case?”, I wondered and thought within me. The nurse having noticed my fearful state quickly assured me that all was well.

“There’s nothing much young lady. Your friend is getting better now. You don’t need to be scared. We just need to meet the parents to put some things in place.”

I was calm after hearing the words of the nurse. It was just as if cold water was poured on my heart. I quickly ran to the hostel to get Sharon’s phone so as to retrieve her parents number from it.

I came back to the hospital and made sure it was the nurse that placed a call to them because I didn’t even know how to present the whole story to them.

Titofunmi had also arrived at the hospital and we both stayed beside Sharon in her ward as she was fast asleep already.

Since the parents live within the same city, they got to school within an hour. They had a long discuss with the doctor. Sharon was awake almost at the same time they finished with the doctor.

The parents took us back to the hostel in their car. I waved at Nurse Kike ,smiling broadly as we left the hospital. The nurse was so warm and kind all along and I was happy.

“How I wish all nurses can be this nice”, I thought within me.

There was a long silence and everywhere was so dead as Sharon’s parents headed to our hostel.

Everyone was lost in his/her thoughts.

Sharon’s mum broke the silence immediately we got to the hostel.

“My daughters(referring to Titofunmu and I), please, help me take a close eye on Sharon. She’s an asthmatic patient that’s why she fainted early. According to her, no one was around her when she started having shortness in breath. I’m sorry you people are just getting to know about this. I already told her to inform her roommates so that you can all help her whenever there’s any challenge but I never knew she has kept to herself all along. Help me ensure she doesn’t expose herself to cold and constantly use her medications as well”, the woman said almost crying.

Titofunmi and I were silent as we listened with rapt attention.

“Okay mum. We’ll try our best ma” was all I could said.

“My dear daughter, you’re the only gift I have from God. The doctor said you need to take good care of yourself and avoid frequent attacks. The ones you had in time past were so severe and frequent occurrences might be so disastrous. It can lead to permanent narrowing of the bronchial tubes which can make breathing difficult and later have effect on the lungs. That is why the doctor sent for us to make us aware of our critical Yoir condition can be if we’re not careful”, said Sharon’s father with all seriousness.

“Chai, Sharon is the only daughter of her wealthy parents. But with all the wealth and they still do not have peace of mind. They are so worried about the health of their daughter. Wealth is nothing without good health”, I thought within myself.

I quietly thanked God for my condition. Even though my parents are so poor like church mouse, I was really grateful and that point for good health. I also prayed for Sharon’s perfect healing.

Some minutes later, the parents left after several talks and admonitions.

Different information began to fly round the hostel. Some said maybe Sharon was pregnant while some said it might be attacks from home.

Students and their amebo business though.

Immediately we got to the hostel, Titofunmu hurriedly went into the kitchen to prepare some foods which she couldn’t do earlier.

Bukola came back very late, about some minutes after eight.

Only God knows where she had been all along with the so-called guy she went out with.

News had already reached her even before she got to the room so she wasn’t so surprised when she came back.

“Bukola, where exactly did you go? You left the room since 9a.m and you’re just coming back some minutes after 8. Is that what you’re in school for? This is just your second weekend as a student on this campus and you’re already wasting your time this much. Assuming you were inside the room while I went to the market and Folakemi was washing, probably Sharon wouldn’t have fainted. You could have noticed earlier”, Titofunmu bursted out angrily.

“It’s okay, girl. Everything is okay now. Let’s not shout at each other”, I quickly intervened before Bukola could reply.

I couldn’t imagine ensuring a fight in the room. I already had a stressful day and all I could think of was to eat and rest.

After eating, we took time to discuss. We all took turns to advice Sharon to be more open to us as roommates. She should always tell us how she feels at every time.
We also agreed to avoid doing anything that can make her have attacks like using concentrated perfumes/sprays, regulating the use of the fans in the room, etc. We concluded the discussion by advising Bukola to be careful of who she moves with on campus.

At about 10:30p.m, we all retired to sleep. Titofunmu made sure we all prayed before we jumped unto our beds.

She’s the prayer warrior in the room. She never misses both her morning and evening prayers everyday.
Titofunmi’s parents are neither rich nor poor and she’s so contended with everything she has. They are just doing averagely fine. She lacks nothing though and she’s very generous to share some of her belongings with us in the room. I love her way of life and I’m beginning to learn so much from her.

However, I could not sleep for hours as I kept thinking deep about so many things.

“Bukola happens to come from a very poor background as well but that shouldn’t give her the liberty to let loose on campus. She should even use that opportunity to be more serious with her studies and make her parents proud. At least, we’re in the same shoe”, I thought within myself.
Afterwards, I decided that I’m going to talk to her as a sister.

I also thought deep of our my parents are struggling back at home. I prayed silently that God should strengthen and support my parents.

“What a life we live in”, I sighed as I drift into the dreamland.

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi

I am Elizabeth Egbeniyi, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, budding entrepreneur and most importantly, a child of God. I'm so much a lover of love, nature, books and people. I love to talk about anything and everything that catches my mind and will bless you. My purpose is putting smile on peoples’ faces, including you.

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