Your life is a story.

One out of many things I love doing is reading stories.

I’ve really read different stories from when I was young

till now.
When I was in secondary school, I even had a book where I do write the titles of all the novels/story books I’ve read back then. In fact, I got involved in reading competition with a friend of mine a couple of times.
We will compete on how fast either of us can finish a novel/story book. That’s to show how much I love reading stories.

Many thought I’d even end up being an art student.
I still read stories a lot till now but majorly through electronic means.
However, there are particular lessons I’ve learnt so far from all the stories I’ve read.

No two stories are exactly the same.
Even when it seems like the story line of two different stories are almost the same, there will still always be a difference.

Even in reality, I’ve had several life stories of different people and I can say there’s no one’s story that is exactly the same as any other.

For instance, the story of my life can never be the same with the story of my blood brother even though we were born of the same parents.

Of course, I surely have my weakness, strength, peculiarity, challenges, struggles, success, failure, etc that clearly differs from his.

But the interesting part of it is that every story is unique. Yes, very unique.

Dear You reading this article, I want you to bear these 5 things  in mind:
1) Your life journey is a story: Right from the day you were born, the family and country you were born into, the situations surrounding your growing up, your struggles, your achievements,etc constitutes a story. Everything that you go through is to be a story needed to help someone out there.

2) People are reading you: I might have to tell you that people are reading you daily. That is why you have to strive to make your life a beautiful story. Even when you will be gone from this world, your story lives on.

3) Your story is unique: Your story will definitely differs from someone’s else own but it will surely be unique. Even when it seems life has always been throwing lemon at you, be sure you can make lemonade out of it.
Whether you have it all smooth or whether you experience hardship at some points, your life has beautiful lessons to pass across.

4) You can always make your story beautiful: It is of a truth that things happen to us in different ways. There are some that are born into poor background while others were not.
There are some people’s story that seems sweet to the ears while listening to some other stories make the eyes teary.
That’s life. However, there is always a choice to turn around a tragic story through prayers and hardwork.

And there’s also a choice to keep making a beautiful story keep being beautiful.

5) Someone’s story is similar as yours: No matter what you’re passing through, be aware of the fact that someone somewhere has similar experience. Whether in success or failure, victory or downfall, you aren’t alone. Learn from people’s stories and be more encouraged and inspired.

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope EgbeniyiHiya!!! I am Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi, a natural health enthusiast, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, and most importantly, a child of God and kingdom warrior. I'm an ardent advocate of using herbs for healing and health. Welcome to my space.

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