The Shades: Episode 1

It was the first day of resumption at the prestigious University of Ibadan.
Students are seeing moving around with files filled with various documents wanting to get their accommodation registration done.

Some students looked very tensed while others are being so expectant.
It’s another world entirely with its own challenges.

Folakemi was seeing running towards where her parents were seated.
“Dad, I have to pay hostel dues so as to continue with the registration. The hostel representative said the amount is #6000…”

What!!!! The father exclaimed..
#6 000 kwa? After the #30 000 already paid for accommodation?
Why can’t they just be considerate enough?

“This isn’t fair at all. Why must there be dues after paying accommodation fees again”, the father ranted.

My dear, I have just #10 000 with me and that’s what I’ve planned giving to you as pocket money. That means, there will be only #4000 left to give you.

“Uhmmmm”, sighed Folakemi. Her countenance changed as #4 000 is just too small.
Nevertheless, she doesn’t have any choice as everything has just been tough for the family at the moment.

The father lost his job and the mother is just a petty trader with little income being generated.

“Thanks dad, I’m grateful, she said finally”.
She collected the #6 000 and quickly went back to complete her registration.

30 minutes later, Folakemi came to meet her parent as she was done with the registration already and as been assigned to a room.

“Dad, Mum, I’m done with my registration. My room number is A30 and I learnt we’re 4 in a room, she said excitedly.”

The parents prayed for her, advised her to face her studies squarely and always remember the daughter of who she is.
She was given the remaining #4 000 as pocket money with a promise that they will send money to her soon.

Folakemi’s mother couldn’t control tears from flowing freely from her eyes as she would definitely miss her beloved daughter.

“Mum, I’ll always call you. You don’t need to cry, be strong. I will definitely be at home during the holiday”, Folakemi said as she tried preventing tears flowing from her own eyes as well.

The parents left and she began to pack her loads to her room.

She was lost in thought as she is so eager to know what a higher institution has in store for her.
This is the first time she will be leaving her parents to stay alone.
She thought of many things she has heard about higher institutions.
She cringed at the fear of the bad things she has heard while she was elated at the good aspects of being in campus.

“I will surely cope”, she thought as she moved towards her room.

On getting to her room, she met other 3 girls unpacking and arranging their loads.

“Hello, good afternoon. I am Folakemi, the the 4th roommate”, she said.

Awwwww Awwwww, the girls all chorused.
They welcomed her warmly and took turns to introduce themselves.

“I am Sharon and as you can see, we’re bunkmates as the remaining empty space is for you. I’m here to study Medicine and surgery”, one of the girls said.

“Wow…. Medicine and surgery?. That has always been my dream course but wasn’t coping well in biology so I had to switch to a Technology course. So, I’m here to study Food Technology”, Folakemi said.

Ehnehn, Food Technology?
You must definitely love foods very well and be a great cook. It don’t have to worry too much about cooking”, says Sharon jokingly while others laughed hysterically.

Another girl introduced herself as Bukola, studying Medical Laboratory Science while the fourth girl is Oluwatitofunmi, studying Communication and Language Arts.

They all continued with the arrangement of their loads.
Folakemi also joined in cleaning her wardrobe and table.

Her parents called to inform her that they were already at home and to ask after her welfare.
The father ended the conversation by telling her to remain focused and take her studies very serious.

Later in the night, the girls all went to the Cafeteria to buy foods as they were already too tired to cook.
They talked and giggled all along.
It was a stressful day for them all but very eventful.
They all retired to bed after leaving the Cafeteria and looking forward to the following day.
It would be their first Sunday as a Fresher on Campus..

“What a day!!! I must write on my first day experience as a student and keep in my diary”, Folakemi thought as she tucked herself under the duvet.


Stay tuned as other episodes unfold.
Will love to see your beautiful names with contributions and suggestions in the comment box.
Love you big.

Written by Egbeniyi Elizabeth

Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi


  1. Baby girl…nice story you’ve got here…eagerly waiting for the next episode.

  2. Patiently… Impatiently­čśŐ I mean….. Waiting for the next episode… It’s very interesting.

    More inspirations in Jesus name.

  3. Beautiful piece from Goldenqeeneth… It’s bring pictures to sight.

  4. Aunty mi, God Will Continue To Help You Ma, You Will Make It In Life. Nice Write Up Ma.

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