At one point or the other, we experience hormonal imbalance as a lady because it occurs naturally or as a result of some activities we involve in.

On some days, you gain weight, lose weight, notice a sudden acne on your cheeks and chest, and on another you have it all smooth. It is the work of the hormone, a friend of mine said when he was in the senior secondary school,

the girls in his class suffered mood swings frequently and he wondered why it was so. He said he knows best now that those girls were under the influence of their hormones.

When there is an hormonal imbalance, you will have too much or too little of a certain hormone. Hormones are just like salt. If there is fluctuation in the production of salt in the country, the availability will be reduced in the market, likewise also in people’s houses. It will be lesser in my house, more in another person’s house.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance
There are common symptoms that affects both men and women. These includes fatigue, dry skin, puffy face, increased sensitivity to cold and heat, increased hunger, depression, decreased sex drive, rounded face, sweating, irritation and anxiety.

The symptoms of hormonal imbalance you see in women include Heavy or irregular periods
Excessive hair on the face, chin or other parts of the body
Acne occurs on the face, chest or upper back
Weight gain
Darkening of the skin
Vaginal dryness
Night sweats

Causes of hormonal imbalance
1) Medical conditions like diabetes can cause it
2) Eating disorders
3) Medications
4) Stress
5) Injury or trauma
6) Cancer treatment

Just like I mentioned earlier that hormonal imbalance occurs naturally. Several stages can cause hormonal imbalance like menopause
Premature menopause
Health related issues with the female reproductive system.

Hormonal imbalance occurs frequently, and there should be no cause for alarm if you notice any of these symptoms.
NOTE: If any of these symptoms occurs more than seven days, without going back to its normal way. You should see a doctor.

Example: You have missed your cycle once, and it is approaching another cycle. Visit a doctor.

I hope this helps!
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