The Copied Assignment

Mojola! Mojola!! Mojola!!!

I heard my name being called repeatedly and I hurriedly jumped up from my bed with the speed of light.

I staggered for few seconds before I could get hold of myself. The rays of light from the window beamed across my face and my eyes became wide opened.

Jesus!!! I screamed as I checked the time only to found out it’s already 7a.m.
I had planned to wake up by 4a.m to solve the mathematics assignment given to us by Mr Teju, the mathematics teacher. Today makes it exactly 2 weeks since he gave us the assignment.

Oh my goodness!
Laziness and procrastination wouldn’t allow me do the assignment when I ought to have.

“You this Jonah, for how long will you keep sleeping? This is 7:00 a.m and you are still on your bed. I pray this sleep won’t lead you to……..”. My mum ranted on as I quickly dashed out of my room and ran into the bathroom.

Trust me, I couldn’t have my bath. I only brushed my teeth and washed my face and legs.

Getting to school won’t take me nothing less than 15 minutes and as well need to submit my assignment on or before 7:30am.

Mojola!!!….I heard my name the fourth time. That’s my mum calling my name furiously again.
I couldn’t even wait to answer her as I just dashed out of the house.

Running as fast as my leg could carry me, I got to school exactly 7.15am.
Don’t be surprised at how I could make it up within 15minutes. I am surprised as well.

“Tunmininu, please, let me just copy your assignment”, I pleaded with my best friend.

“Mojola, for goodness sake, I won’t allow you. Mr Teju gave us two weeks to work on the assignment and you couldn’t even solve the questions”, my friend blurted.

“I tried solving the equations but wasn’t getting the solutions”, I replied. Within me, I knew that was a blatant lie.
I actually kept procrastinating and was so lazy to do my assignment.

At the long run, she allowed me copy her assignment.
And to make it easier, I know how to write as fast as possible so I was able to meet up with the deadline for submission.


Mr Teju (the mathematics teacher) came to the class with the record of our results the following day.

The whole class was tensed as everyone awaits his/her result.

“I am so disappointed in you all. I gave you ample time to work over the assignment but still flopped. Only 2 boys got above average and you know this assignment will be used as your continuous assessment record”, Mr Teju lamented.

2 boys???

Does that means I didn’t get up to 15? But why?
I became drenched in my own sweat as I started panicking.

Mojola!!! (I heard my teacher called my name).

And I stood up immediately and ran to the front.

What happened to you?

You are a very bright student, why did you get so low a mark? I am highly disappointed in you. Going through your work, I discovered you made exactly the same silly mistakes as Tunmininu. How did that happen because the values I gave you differ?


The values differ??

I never knew the questions we were given differ at all, I just copied her answers. It was at that point I remembered that the question papers actually had each person name written on his/her paper.

I fumbled with my beret as I couldn’t find the right word to justify my poor marks.

“Sir, I was being lazy to do my assignments. I wasted my time watching movie and I forgot we were given any assignment. I couldn’t have time to work the equations when I finally remembered I have an assignment to do. I had no choice than to copy Tunmininu”, I finally explained amidst tears.

Just like Mojola and Tunmininu, the purpose of the assignments given to them was to have good grades though their assignments differ.

That’s how we are on earth for the same purpose but with various assignments. We have different abilities, capacities, ambitions, works, etc no matter the similarities.

Talking from the spiritual aspect, some are called to be pastors, some are to be evangelists, prophets, teachers, etc. But all work together for the edifying of the body of Christ, right?

Yes, different assignments but one purpose.

When a pastor begins to function as a prophet, he might not be effective as God want such a one to be.

As a student, we all have different courses we are studying. Yes, that’s our different form of assignments we are working on.
When a lawyer begins to work as an engineer, then poor performance set in.

Even those that study the same courses still have differences.
For instance, not all teachers will teach in a public school and not all teachers will be in the primary school section.

As vocational workers, we have different areas of works as well.
Not all can be bakers and not all can be photographers.
Even as for fashion designers, we have various forms of fashion designing.
One might specialize in making only suits, another specializes in wedding gowns, another specializes in school uniforms, etc.

In conclusion, be rest assured that you have your own unique assignment in any aspect of life be it spiritual, academics, profession or whatsoever.
God has specially given you the assignment you can work with.

To fulfil your God given assignment, you have to:
1) Know your assignment on earth. What He wants you to do.
What His purpose for you is.
Which area He wants you to work in church.
The course He wants you to study.
The trade He wants you to learn.

2) Be content with whatever God has placed in your hands.
Never think your ability is useless.
Never look down on yourself.
Never think the assignment God gave you is either too simple or complex.

3) Work diligently on the assignment you have.
Put in all your efforts to achieve the main purpose of that assignment.
Stop lingering.
Stop being lazy.
Stop the lackadaisical attitude.
Stop loitering around.
Be determined, disciplined and diligent.

4) Never copy other people’s assignments.
If you do, you might end up being unfulfilled.
You will even copy their particular mistakes and fail woefully.

Your assignment is peculiar and unique, work on it.

Author: Elizabeth Tolulope EgbeniyiHiya!!! I am Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi, a natural health enthusiast, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, and most importantly, a child of God and kingdom warrior. I'm an ardent advocate of using herbs for healing and health. Welcome to my space.

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