Ekuru: The White Moi-Moi

Oh Ye lover of beans, have you ever heard of “Ekuru” before?

If not, ermmmm, you are missing a big time.
What makes me love Ekuru more is the

stew that is served along with it.
Oh how much I love delicious stew..

After unwapping the Ekuru, the stew is normally poured on it with little salt sprinkled on it.

Ekuru is a a local dish&one of the major beans recipe among Yourbas and it’s is locally taken with solid pap (eko).
It is also referred to as “White Moi Moi”.

In preparing Ekuru, the major ingredients needed are:
1) Beans
2) Stew ingredients which include:
Palm oil
Lots of sliced onions
Locust beans

1) You start just the way you prepare the beans for akara by soaking, removing the skin and grinding.
The only difference is that you add nothing to it before grinding/blending like you would have done while making akara. You grind the beans alone, which now leave you with whitish matter.
Although, you can blend onions with the beans to give it a better taste.

2) The mixture is now stirred thoroughly in order to allow pulping.
You can add a little bit of salt or not. Nevertheless, it’s better not to add salt.

3) After the mixture is light enough, then wrap in leaves and steam just the way you do to moinmoin.
The steaming doesn’t last as long as moinmoin, only ensure that water is added at intervals to avoid burnt sacrifice!
Steaming time is between 30 to 40 minutes.
And there you have your Ekuru…

Then go ahead to prepare your spicy fried stew.
Note: When using dried pepper instead of Atarodo, soak the Dried Pepper in hot water for a while.
Don’t just use it as it is or it’ll blacken up your sauce.

Also, it’s better to use palm oil and not vegetable oil in preparing the stew.

Do not forget to add seasoning, smoked fish, iru, crayfish, ponmo (cut in pieces) and other ingredients to taste.

And oh yes, you are good to eat your Ekuru.
Unwrap the Ekuru, serve the stew on it with little salt sprinkled added.

Crumble up your Ekuru, mix thoroughly and begin to eat.
Ekuru can be eaten alone but most enjoyed with Solid pap(Eko).

I await your feedback on how delicious you found Ekuru to be.
I don’t just like it, I love it as well. Winks

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