Table Manners and Eating Ethics


I remember being taught table manners when I was very young. I had a lot of bad eating habits back then. One of the bad habits I had was licking my fingers one after the other

while eating.. This do gets my dad pissed off and he warned severally to stop the habit. I got punished a number of time. The worst aspect is licking my fingers while eating fried egg 😂😂…. (Don’t blame me, my love for Yam and fried egg no be small).

Another habit was using my fingers in removing meat from the mouth.. Hian!!!!


It was after much scolding that I decided to practice what I have always been taught.


What does it mean to have good eating habits /table manners .


Table manners/Good eating habits are the rules and regulations used while eating which include the appropriate use of utensils and conducts to be displayed.

Let’s quickly go through 12 essential table manners/eating habits required.

1) Posture is highly essential while eating. Avoid the habit of sleeping or standing while eating. The best position is to sit relaxed and enjoy your meal.It shouldn’t be any surprise that posture can affect the way you digest food. Also, don’t ever be in a rush while eating. You aren’t into eating competition.


2) Make use of your napkins. Place your
napkin on the table before sitting down to munch your food. There might be water splitting on the table while eating and you need to clean up. It will be very wrong using your hand to wipe off the water.


3) Do not forget to place a jug of water and a glass on the table before eating to avoid running around for water when food get choked in the throat.


4) Scraping a plate or loudly chewing is unpleasant to listen to and considered impolite.

Smacking and slurping food are major
mistakes and a sign of bad table manners. There is a way to eat without making noise with your mouth and still enjoy the meal.

5) While sneezing or coughing at the table is unavoidable(especially when feeding on peppery food), cover your nose or mouth with a napkin and
proceed as quietly as possible. Except in an
emergency, don’t use a napkin to blow your
nose at the table. Leave the table and use a handkerchief

6) Ladies should
refrain from replenishing lipstick before coming
to the table in order to prevent an imprint of
lipstick on the rim of a glass or a napkin.


7) Either hand your fork to the person, who can spear a bite-sized piece from her plate and hand the fork back to you, or (if the person is sitting close by) hold your plate toward her so that she can put a morsel on the edge. Don’t just dip your hand into someone’s plate even if he/she is your younger brother/sister. It is unethical.


8) To test the temperature of a
hot beverage, take a single sip from the side of the spoon. When an extremely hot beverage is sipped, take a quick sip of water to decrease the
effect of the burn. Don’t split the beverage on the table/floor, it is wrong.
Better still, wait for your beverage to get a bit cold before sipping.

9) When food is
caught between the teeth that is annoying or uncomfortable, wait to remove it privately. If you can’t wait, use a toothpick instead.

10) Cut your food into only one or two bite-sized pieces at a time. Do not take more than what you mouth can contain at once. Remember, the food isn’t flying away😃


11) Always remember to wash your hands before eating. This is very essential. Even while eating with spoon or fork, it is still essential to wash the hands. Wash the utensils before use as well


12) Most importantly, always remember to bless the food before eating. Appreciate God for the provision of the food. Don’t just rush into eating because you are famished


Thanks for reading through, I hope this really helps

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Author: Elizabeth Tolulope EgbeniyiHiya!!! I am Elizabeth Tolulope Egbeniyi, a natural health enthusiast, health and lifestyle blogger, plant scientist, teen coach, volunteer, baker, and most importantly, a child of God and kingdom warrior. I'm an ardent advocate of using herbs for healing and health. Welcome to my space.

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  1. Odesanmi Samuel Olufemi

    This is great Sister….
    Keep it up,the good Lord will increase your memory
    Nice writeup…..

  2. Learnt from the part of not just dipping ur cutlery into someone’s food.. It is great dear friend Keep it up

  3. This is beautiful sis and those things listed above easy to
    follow. thanks so much jare I won’t pick meat with my hand from my siblings food again. I promise you. love you plenty.

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